Information Management? What is that?

Before I start my ‘musings‘, I figured that at least a background to Information Management is required.

As every MBA or MBA-aspirant knows, S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research offers 4 specializations to the students – Finance, Marketing, Operations and Information Management(IM) as part of its PGDM course.

Now, everyone worth its salt knows Marketing and Finance. Unfortunately, Operations and IM are still lesser known( but just as awesome!).

So the top five responses that I received on saying that I do a MBA in Information Management.

  1. Is it I.T. Management? Beta, you have done Computer Engineering. Why do you wish to do it again? In fact, my courier from home says-  Prakruti Hindia, IT student each and every time, regardless of how many times I call home and explain the difference. They still ask me whether they should transfer the second year fees or not!
  2. So you doing MBA from IIM? (IM ~ IIM)?
  3. With sad look in their eyes – Beta, didn’t you get admission to Finance or Marketing? That is where the money is, these days.
  4. Their eyes glaze over and they just nod. Need to ask my Kunal/Riya, what this is.  I mostly get this from my not-crazy-about-MBA relatives.
  5. So will you be studying about DBMS, SDLC all over again? People who know IT Engineering but not MBA.

All said and done, nothing beats Information Management if you love your IT and technology. Forget Java, C, Unix or Tomcat, we look at the Business side of IT now. And the best part? Your life will not revolve around Balance Sheets, Distributors and Supply Chain Logistics.