Calling all women, #YesAllWomen!

In the aftermath of the Elliot Rodger’s killing spree in Isla Vista, California, which killed seven people and injured many more, women have tuned to Twitter to share their experiences of harassment, fear and sexual assault under the hashtag #YesAllWomen. In the matter of 3 days, the hashtag has been attached to 1.2 million tweets peaking at 61,500 tweets on May 25.


The reach of the tag has truly gone global, witnessing participation from countries like Pakistan, Indonesia and Qatar. Women from across the globe are bonding over shared stories of inequality and violence, sometimes right from childhood. It is something that evey women has experienced at some stage in life and have grown stronger from it.

The hashtag has been active only on Twitter- which is designed for strong declarative sentences. It is quite effective as a communication medium between a mass group of people, able to bond over similar experiences.

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